9 reasons you should come to the Byline Festival.

This year, Byline Festival is expecting twice the amount of people, compared to those who attended last year; but just why should you attend the Byline Festival? Here are nine reasons.


As a trainee journalist myself, I am eager to attend this festival for the journalists who will be there. However, in my *humble* opinion, journalists are some of the most interesting people-they usually have a story or two to tell! Speakers for this year include people like Martin Bell and Nick Davies. 

'Famous' people.

For some people, 'Fame' holds an almost odd level of fascination. There will be people like Hugh Grant (speaker), John Cleese (Performer), and Gary Lineker ( Speaker) attending the festival-for performances and talks. 

The talks.

It would virtually be impossible to bored and Byline Festival; there is something to keep you occupied over the four days. There are a lot of talks to get involved with. 


Fancy writing a protest poem or song? Or are you interested in Investigative journalism for beginners? Or would you like to make your own placards? Either way, there are many, many workshops. With something to suit everyone, come and learn something new, and have fun whilst doing it. 

The live music.

One of the main ideas about Byline festival is that it was not going to be a commercial festival, in the sense of Glastonbury, with mainstream acts. There are going to be several musical performances; why not try something new, and less mainstream? 

The sheer amount of topics covered.

The festival will be cover a variety of topics and subjects, including: #MeToo and the new age of consent; Whitelash (the same name given to a panel event at the NUJ last year); the end of Facebook; Good Friday Disagreement ; Death of local journalism ; Fake Arts News ; We need to talk about London ; and more. 

The Bad Press Awards.

Byline is an organisation that doesn't exactly mince its words when looking at the National Press; however, the Bad Press Awards will be returning for this year! Why not nominate a particular piece of terrible journalism for an award? 

The recreational* vibe of 1968.

Because who would not want a peace loving vibe at a festival? It also fits with the Byline festival tag line: "Think. Debate. Laugh. Dance. And change the world."

*Pun intended.

Alternative politics. 

It's fair to say that over the last few years, Politics has been tumultuous; there has also been a lot of unexpected changes. But instead of putting forward the same old messages by Political Parties (because the exact refrain never seems to stop!), Byline allows for the exploration of alternative politics.

This is only a small portion of what will be happening at the Festival; there is still more being planned. So why not get involved? To book tickets, click here.