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Live Wire Salon


I am honoured to be named Poet Laureate fir the Byline festival. This is the first festival to celebrate independent journalism and free speech. As part of Byline I have curated 'The LIVEwire Salon' showcasing Nymphs & Thugs poets, poetry comrades, rebels and renegades. 

LIVEWIRE SALON: Matt Abbott: Rising star on the UK’s spoken word scene. Michelle Madsen: Poet, theatre maker and investigative journalist, writes on fraud and corruption for Private Eye and the Independent. Elvis McGonagall: Stand-up poet and armchair revolutionary. A collection of his poems from 2003 to 2017 entitled Viva Loch Lomond! will be published by Burning Eye Books in Spring 2017. Gemma Rogers: Singer songwriter from West London. Her stories depict tales of modern life in one of the biggest, most vibrant cities in the world.  She will bring her trusty ukulele. Sophie Cameron: writes visceral poetry that lives and breathes, vomits and screws, poetry that goes dogging once in a while when the weather is nice. Oli Spleen: Cult memoir Depravikazi was published in 2003 by Running Water Publications. Frontman of The Flesh Happening, Pink Narcissus and Fag Machine.