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Democratising Technology: Power Up the People

In partnership with Bywire. 

New technology dominates our lives - from the personal to the political.  We all know about social media now, in one way or another, but what else is going to be impossible to ignore in the coming years? And how do we grab the opportunities they present?

E-sports is set to become bigger than football, Augmented/Virtual Reality is popping up everywhere, and we are told Crypto-currencies and Blockchain are set to change everything.

This panel will host speakers from the cutting edge of new technological development to discuss what these things are and how we can put control of them in the hands of the many

Josef Davies-Coates, Better Media ,Wendy Liu and Marijam Didžgalvytė and Joe Todd - chaired by Thomas Barlow, Bywire

  • Understanding of what blockchain and CryptoCurrency is - and how to plug into it

  • Understanding of how to maximise digital democracy

  • How to support Tech workers

  • Develop and share ideas for how to use new technologies in campaigning and organising