Disturbia After Dark

CHEESBURGER & FRIENDS will be putting on after midnight shows at this year's Byline Festival - press play on Jamie Lowe's fabulous promo for a taste. Our very own mini-meltdown amidst independent journalism, whistle-blowers, hackers, Pussy Riot and Gary Linekar. www.bylinefestival.com


Javier Costales

Javier Costales is the MC for Disturbia, story-teller, un-settler, seer and "mesmerising absurdist ramblings of a unique comedic mind” (Tickled Pig)

The nyco project

The Nyco Project is a London band that blur realism and surrealism, creating evocative stories, sensual grooves, desert sounds, gritty pop, power blues and psychedelia. audio visual.

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Trans-fixing live art/performance artists experimenting with illusion, sound and image - Tom C's just picked up the BE award 2018 for his show "Someone Loves You Drive With Care" Our favourite mood shapers and perception shifters.


Poli-Rock /genderf*ck/political rock duo creating live performance crossing the genres of music, dance, theatre, and film - exploring fantasy, sexuality and gender identity. 

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Cheeseburger's appeal lies in their shambolic beauty and their knack for writing skewed, off-kilter pop songs that would grace the soundtrack of a David Lynch road movie" - liveclub.co.uk

"Cheeseburger may be the oddest and best band you'll see all year"  - Bonanza & Son, Resonance 104.4 fM