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Where Does it all Fall Apart? Systems Collapse: How our Civilisation will Disintegrate

Chaired by Anita McNaught

We know there is going to be another global recession but we don’t know what will trigger it. We worry about epidemics and antibiotic resistance. We can see many farmers are struggling. We understand our soils are giving out. Many blame over population, others say greed is the problem. The rich are running to the hills but you can’t hide from the climate emergency. At some point, the stressors on our civilisation will become too great and it will break. Where are we most vulnerable? What are the biggest threats that we try not to think about? What could the domino effect be? Our planet is now a game of Jenga.

A conversation between Prof Rupert Read, Systems Collapse expert Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, and author and journalist David Wallace-Wells will discuss their views on the greatest threats we face.


Prof Rupert Read

Author of This Civilisation is Finished, Reader of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, Green Party Campaigner and chair of the ecological think-tank, Greenhouse. Prof Read is also a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion. 

Dr Nafeez Ahmed, 

Academic, journalist, change strategist and author of Failing States, Collapsing Systems: BioPhysical Triggers of Political Violence.

David Wallace-Wells 

Author of bestselling The Uninhabitable Earth and Guardian Journalist. 

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