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Jo Neary & Ben Moor

Jenny Nibbingley and Burton Mastrick truly need no introduction. As two of Britain’s most published, though least read, novellists, it’s not surprising they have been invited to today’s book festival. Their event’s moderator, Tim Timminey, likewise significant, should be turning up soon, but until then, Jenny and Burt agree to read sections from their books. Bad decision. As an ex-couple, their writing seems mainly to consist of ongoing digs at the other’s character and work. But is that all that is going on? Might this all be a reading from another book about a book talk going horribly wrong? Or is that also part of something else?

BookTalkBookTalkBook combines a parody of awkward live author events; an exploration of artificial intelligence and the creative process; a Beckettian live theatre experience and an experiment in the limits of patience regarding card tricks. Layer folds into layer; story reflects story – this is a piece that constantly changes direction, challenging an audience, while being continually entertaining. Funny and wise, imaginative and original, it will add a surprising and delightful twist to any book festival’s programme.

The show has received a excellent response from a bright and engaged audience. The Idler’s newsletter called it ‘utterly brilliant’ and ‘the highlight for many’, and the social media response was similarly positive, with Tweeters calling it ‘amazing’ and ‘a mandatory booking at every book festival in the country.’

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