The Fest Bitch's favour

Hello, welcome to the Byline Festival blog, a place where you'll hear more about the people, workshops, talks, bands, the general irreverence, the movement that you could have the pleasure of being a part of this summer at Pippingford Park.

I know, I know, the festival scene is saturated already, so why do you need another one? But trust us, we're here to do you a favour. Because we think you shouldn't waste your money on the corporate, mainstream, bankrupt-inducing, yawn-fest that is today's music festival. 

We're doing this because we’re sick of live media giantsforcing out the independents of yesteryear and because we think superficiality has ousted shared ideology. We've seen enough of festivals where uninspired recalcitrant consumers and snapchatting celebrities are replacing a sense of purpose. And we ask ourselves, is that all there is, is that all there issssss??! *hums Peggy Lee song* Answer: No, it isn't, not where we're going!

Take our advice, don't waste a fortune, while being served up a plethora of tiresome excuses for entertainment. All this, topped with a portion of £20 fries and stale line-ups comprising of greedy, out-of-touch musicians, churning out mundane ballads. Don't surround yourself with champagne Charlies or an apathetic mud-covered zombie-crowd, all squashed in a field with no space to think.

If you to, want more than a hole in your wallet and a hangover, and you are watching in horror as the Trump tornado rips through democracy and equality. Or you're fed up with fake news, lack of truth and erosion of the free press, then take us up on that tip and come to a festival where you can listen to good music, share ideas, collaborate and FIGHT BACK! 

But don't think it's all going to be a whinge-in-a-wood. This will be a place where you can see and hear real talent in all of its forms, from poetry, DJs, comedians, artists and a line-up of both seasoned and up and coming bands, who, like us are striving for a change! There'll also be mischief, a lot of it, there'll be dating, a lot of it, and a bit, no, an abundance of dancing till dawn!

You’ll also be pleased to know that we don’t have any corporate entertaining tickets or packages at Byline Festival. We're only interested in real people. Gleaming Hunter bootswon’t blind you, there won’t be a sea of spotless Barbour jackets, and Chelsea tractors won't surround your camper in the carpark. What you will find are individuals who think past the Bolly, who give a damn. You'll find like-minded people, new friends and collaborators, who are ready to dance, drink, discuss and make a difference.

Interested? Then join us! Ok so we're not into Trump fans, if you are, read no more, that’s your cue, ta ta! And as for the corporates, get back to your lunch on expenses at the brasserie. And finally, any of the apathetic kind still here? Well done for ditching Jeremy Kyle. Why not get a job, get an opinion, join us and choose life! Everyone else still reading you are invited to join us for an unforgettable-fest and for that favour, you’re welcome!

Trust the Fest Bitch; you won't be sorry!