Students and Newcomers

For students of journalism, media, film, radio and politics - prepare yourselves to experience a festival like no other where free speech and journalism will be the focal points.

For students and newcomers to journalism, Byline Festival offers five unique benefits...

You'll meet so many great journalists in one weekend

Hear from and talk to the very best investigative journalists, foreign reporters and commentators in their fields - whether that's print, online, podcasts, radio or documentaries.  

From Heather Brooke who broke the MPs expenses scandal: Luke Harding and who exposed Putin's involvement in the poisoning of the of Litvenenko, Eliot Higgins, who broke the truth of the sarin attack on Damascus and the downing Malaysian Airways Flight M17: John Sweeney who exposed both Scientology and the Fake Sheikh; Julie Bindel, an expert investigator tino sex trafficking and the surrogacy trade: Alex Thomspon, Anita McNaught and many others who reported from the fronts line of modern combat 

Stephen Colegrave