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No Refuge and The Refuge Woman (Performance)

No Refuge- the real life story, by Maeve McClenaghan and Jasmine Andersson:

In late July Maeve and Jasmine read a Facebook post that would send them on a long investigative journey - from dirty council flats, to bland hotels, to town council steps. They followed the stories of women fleeing domestic violence and found them let down by the system designed to support them. On the way they met Cash [writer/performer of The Refuge Woman]. In this talk, Maeve and Jasmine explain how they ran an eight month investigation into the state of domestic violence. 

The Refuge Woman by Cash Carraway: 

Cash is a self-confessed refuge connoisseur. She knows the refuges with the best counsellors, clothing donations and the ones closest to the heartiest of ‘all you can eat’ buffets.  Now she’s just set foot in what she has decided is her final refuge, a safe house in Retford. It’s run by a woman with a Farage tattoo and is located opposite the Bernard Matthews factory - it isn’t exactly how she imagined escaping from abuse, but now she has a young daughter to consider she’s out of options.

Inspired by real life events, this spoken-word performance provides snapshots of life in a women’s refuge, as Cash attempts to rebuild her life from scratch in a world where the smell of turkey carcasses signal freedom and an Argos suitcase contains everything they need to start again