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Fearless Cities: The Promise of Municipalism

Carolina García Cataño (co founder of Take The Squares, original member of the 15M movement, pioneer in the Spanish free software movement who is currently taking part in the refugee movement),

Bernardo Gutierrez (Part of Ahora Madrid and MediaLab Prado, journalist, author and
original member of the 15M movement),

Claudia Delso Carreira, (Member of Marea Atlántica, a municipalist group running the town of A Corunha, in Galicia),

Peter Macfadyen, (co-creator of Independents for Frome, the pioneering municipalist group in the UK running Frome town council since 2011, mayor of Frome 2014-2015).

Panel to be chaired by Birgitta Jonsdottir (Original member of Wikileaks and producer of the Collateral Murder film, co-founder of the Icelandic Pirate Party and member of parliament, internationally renowned advocate for digital rights and published poet)