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Modern Slavery

Introductory remarks by Helen Taylor Thompson - Chaired by Bela Arora (Professor of Global Governance and Vice Chair of the British American Project) with;

Eric Ngalle Charles (an award winning poet and playwright who fell victim to human trafficking)

Justine Currell (Executive Director at Unseen UK)

Angelina Rodriques (has two decades of experience in victim support) 

Paul Griffiths (Vice President of the Police Superintendents Association and was the senior investigating office in the case of a white British male who was held as a slave in Wales for 13 years) 

Steve Kenzie (Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact in the UK/IRE)

It is estimated that there are over 40 million victims of modern slavery across the globe. Sadly we do not need to look far to find people in the UK who are victims of this heinous crime. There are approximately 13000 victims in the UK. On this panel, you will hear about the investigation into the case of a white British male who was held as a slave for 13 years in Wales but also hear the voice of a survivor of human trafficking who is now an award winning poet. You will also hear about the work being done to support victims of modern slavery, locally and globally. 

Currently, the cost to the criminals is low and the reward remains high. The panel will ultimately remind us how vulnerable we all are and how easy it is to fall victim to a crime that generates $150billion annually in profits.