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The Dark Underbelly of Modern Slavery

Modern slavery encompasses a broad range of offences including forced labour, human trafficking, domestic servitude, tissue harvesting and illegal organ removal. Legislation is in place to ensure that living organ donors have made an informed and voluntary decision to donate their organ; free from duress, coercion and reward, yet the transnational nature of interconnected criminality can drive exploitative activity deep underground. 

The panel will address issues such as claims of forced organ procurement from executed prisoners in China, through to efforts to reduce the demand for illegally sourced organs. The panel will also address how easy it can be for individuals to become victims of human trafficking and subsequently held in debt bondage. 

Panel Chair Professor Bela Arora, will be joined by:

Dr Adnan Sharif - Consultant Transplant Nephrologist and secretary of the non-Government Organization Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) which campaigns against illegal and unethical organ procurement around the globe. The group was nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for its work in this area.

Dr Mike Stephens -  Wales' leading transplant surgeon

Red Godfrey Sagoo - CEO of Sophie Hayes Foundation 

Taniel Yusef - Actor and writer