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Diversity in Journalism and Broadcasting

Chair: Hardeep Matharu, Editor, Byline News


Brian Cathcart

Bonnie Greer

Rizwana Hamid is the director of Centre for Media Monitoring overseeing the teams work and engaging with key stakeholders (media professionals, regulators, policy makers & other campaign groups). Rizwana has over 30 year experience working in the media. She has worked as a producer/director for BBC Television (News, Current Affairs, Religious, Documentary, World Service & Multicultural Programming) as well as for Channel 4 and other international broadcasters. Her films have won awards – “Journey Into Darkness” – BBC Panorama, been used as evidence in internal enquiries – “Inside Injustice” – Channel 4, and led to changes in policy – “Skeleton’s in the Cupboard” – BBC Heart of the Matter. Rizwana has also run media skills workshops for disenfranchised communities in the UK, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Zeeshan Ali

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