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Being the Story - Harnessing the Power of Lived Experience

If we turn on the news, open a newspaper, look online we are constantly reminded of the issues facing society in the UK. However, more often than not, we aren’t hearing about them from the experts who have experienced them.  There are people in our communities who are full of insights and ideas for solutions to create lasting change.  But are they being listened to? Are their voices being heard?

Being the Story is an immersive storytelling experience to inspire new ideas, challenge perceptions, and stimulate conversation on the big social issues. Being the Story provides a platform for people who don’t normally have one, to share their story and ideas in front of a live audience.  In the long term Being the Story aims to diversify the voices we hear in the media by nurturing and supporting these new voices and working with them beyond the event to be media savvy spokespeople.  Being the Story at Byline Festival will feature the thought-provoking insights of extraordinary individuals whose stories need to be heard. 

Taking the stage this evening will include:

Simeon Moore Co-founder of DatsTV

Simeon is a writer, musician and advocate for young people. He was a member of a notorious Birmingham gang and now works to tackle what he sees as the glamorisation of gang culture, which gives young people aspirations to live negatively. He brings vision, creativity and influence to positively impact on their lives. @zimbosla

 Travon Steadman

Travon works with Drive Forward Foundation, a charity that supports care-experienced young people into employment, He is a strong believer in the power of lived experience to drive change and progress; highlighting the struggles young people face under government protection @steadmantravon

 Bryony Albery

Bryony was a frontline worker supporting rough sleepers now retraining as a social justice lawyer to ensure our most vulnerable get access to justice.  @bryonyAlbery

 Anne-Marie Douglas  Founder Peer Power

Anne-Marie's belief in empathy and personal experience of peer led services led her to found the charity Peer Power in 2015. The empathy led charity works with children, teenagers and young adults who have experienced significant trauma and adversity. It aims to improve the wellbeing and career prospects for young people involved, and to support them to disrupt, influence and improve the services that support them.

 Steve Arnott Aka Redeye Feenix Hull Beats Bus Founder

Hull resident Steve Arnott was a struggling warehouse worker by day and hip-hop performer by night. After a chance encounter with award-winning documentary maker Sean McAllister, Steve was asked to get involved in a film Sean was making: A Northern Soul. He now runs the Hull Beats Bus, a social enterprise mobile recording studio committed to building confidence and giving young people the space to be creative through music and art workshops.

Later Event: August 24
Will Purdue