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Future Environment: Who owns Britain? Land Ownership in a Time of Revolution

Chair of Anita MacNaught

Levels of inequality in the UK are globally and unsustainably high. Control of land is increasingly concentrated in the hands of an untouchable and unaccountable elite. The climate crisis is going to exacerbate these tensions. 500 years ago, this might have prompted a revolution. Instead climate collapse could be that revolution. Can the countries land and property owners continue to shut out the poor and the dispossessed when they are also hungry and thirsty?

Guy Shrubsole

Author of Who Owns Britain? and Campaigner for Friends of the Earth, Guy has also written for numerous publications including the Guardian and New Statesman.

Prof Ian Hodge

Professor of Rural Economy at the University of Cambridge and and past President of the Agricultural Economics Society.

Antonia Layard