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Get With The Times

It is sometimes called Britain's newspaper of record, but The Times is increasingly noted for its vendetta campaigns against minorities.

Katherine O'Donnell is a former employee who is fighting back against the bullying and discrimination she faced as a transgender woman working as the Night Editor of the newspaper's Scottish edition.

She took her experience to an employment tribunal this summer. Her remarkable legal case sheds light not only on a transphobic and misogynistic workplace environment, but how its effects can be seen in
the newspaper's coverage of transgender people.

Her case also shows how the editor John Witherow's prehistoric attitudes extended to pushing top reporters into publishing flawed stories about Muslims.

Join us to hear more about Katherine's experience and the potential for media workers to blow the whistle on bullying and bigoted coverage.


Katherine O'Donnell - Journalist and LGBTI rights campaigner
Christine Burns MBE - Author, editor of 'Trans Britain'
Robin White - Discrimination barrister

Chair: Tom Wills