Media Planet at Byline Festival

With a plethora of stories to be told and adventures to be explored your festival becomes the news. The House of Fairy Tales is creating children’s tent at Byline Festival into “Media Planet” a playful dispatch office (complete with ringing phones, busy type writers, the Living Wall of incoming news, and a stage framed as a television).


Media Planet would be a children’s activity hub from which during the day they will be engaged in creative playful activities based within or just outside the tent, (with room to incorporate the writing workshops already scheduled):


Sport, fashion, comedy and news (if not history) will be made during led sessions

✎ The office will always need to be ‘manned’ with phones to an- swer, reports to be typed or illustrated, forms to be stamped and general game play to be had

✎ With the news not writing itself Media Planet will give young people missions to engage with around the festival in order to find the latest and greatest news stories, and event reviews of the festival fun.

The day’s investigations, imaginations and discoveries will then be presented in our interactive Six O’Clock Show, live on stage, where the day’s news will be combed over and mixed with a healthy dose of creative mayhem and audience participation.

The news and views of your youngest festival goers will then be published online in our inter-dimensional playper: The HofT Examiner, for a child’s eye view of the weekend and a precious memento for the next generations’ budding journalists and their grown-ups 




Tim Ireland will be running a series of workshops aimed at teenagers, young adults and the young at heart including:

The Secret of Fire that will look at the principles of fire at a molecular and atomic level and using the knowledge of pyrolysis to create the perfect fire lighter.

Water Rocket Science which will provide the opportunity to build water rockets based on a 2l bottle and launched across a 100m firing range.

The Obstacle Course - Building a 'spider web' obstacle course with nothing but string and a few bells and whistles.

Basic Navigation -without any compasses or SatNav in daylight and the dark

Night Games -Including Manhunt, a 'hide and seek' game in the dark in the woods using converted Playstation guns that are powerful torches to capture a flag.

'War on Christmas' -an awesome smuggling game that requires teams builds roughly 50-100 gifts in their colour, which they then smuggle into the woods. Many valuable life lessons to be learned.




There will be a range of other diversions and fun activities including our climbing wall with experienced instructors