The Lying field

Blur the lines of reality and invention in The Lying field; a theatre experience as much about the stories we tell ourselves as the story "on stage". Four, consecutive, hour-long shows will be running from 14:00-18:00 on Friday followed by four more from 13:00-17:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Fact or Lie? The Lying Field looks like a normal field, but it’s not. The Lying Field serves an extraordinary function: it’s where the absolute truth is excavated, raw and unbidden from the depths of our story, for an honest appraisal of all the facts.

Fact or Lie? Lazarus Shale is about to meet his maker at the Lying Field.


Fact or Lie? Like you, Lazarus lived a life of wonder, success, mistreatment and grand failure. Like you, he’s filled with as many facts as lies. Built and constructed from layers of falsity, too many white lies and a little gospel truth. Lazarus is a good man. A bad man. A storyteller, sick with other people’s stories.

Fact. Lazarus needs your help accounting for his actions. He’s knee deep in one of his own tall tales. Lazarus is lost in his literary lies and heroic deeds of his favourite creation, he’s empty and diseased with his own fiction. He no longer recognises if you or I are real, or figments of a sick mind. Can you remember your beginning? Are you real or were you born in a fever dream of inspiration?

Lazarus will meet her once again. She’s the reason he lost his way, why he’s richer than he ever imagined, unhappier than he thought possible. They both contain many stories, but which story is the greatest story ever told?

You have arrived at the Lying Field, to witness Lazarus attempt to find the secret, yes, that one. The one irrefutable truth hidden at the bottom of everyone’s tale, beneath the hope that your story will have a happy ending.

Fact. It’s time to enter the Magnificent Lying Field.

This is immersive theatre at is most mesmeric, disorienting and enriching.



FoolishPeople was founded by John Harrigan in 1989. Their focus is on actively engaging audiences through immersive theatre, live cinema, ritual and independent film. Spectators must choose their own journey without guidance, which challenges their habitual way of watching art and entertainment in a passive manner. They have been commissioned by the BBC, ICA and Secret Cinema, and have produced our work for conventional theatres, galleries and site-specific venues.