MEGAPHONE is a team of illustrators specialising in Live Drawing and Reportage Illustration; presenting journalism and biographies through the medium of comics.

  • Join the Megaphone artists to create a record of the festival on a giant drawing wall.

  • Write and draw your own comic pages – share your stories from the festival and beyond! 

  • Commission Portraits and satirical sketches from our political cartoonist.

  • Write your message to the world on the pillars of Democracy.

  • Use Megaphone to convene with the muses and shout Eureka! 

  • The best results by the Byline public will be displayed and collected in a special Megaphone Byline printed edition.

Bring your story. Add your page. Declare your intent. Draw inspiration.

Make your mark with Megaphone!


The Megaphone project is a dynamic way to capture, communicate, exchange and expand ideas in a bold and visual way. 

Above all it’s a place to open up conversation and creativity for all ages.