Come and see our Islamophobia Exhibition, and then take the Quiz to win a fantastic prize to see Manchester United at Old Trafford.  Learn about our work, including our Islamophobia Response Unit and chat to our staff over free samosas, kebabs, cake and tea.

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Workshop tent 1 Saturday 25th 1730


Title - The Good, The Bad and the Muslims -  Islamophobia in the movies & the Riz testRizwan Wadan & Shaf Choudhry


A workshop that examines the stereotypical portrayal of Muslims on screen, and the impact these have. We will promote the Riz Test - a test involving five simple criteria in determining whether a particular film or TV show is negatively portraying Muslims. We will also show how Muslims can be positively portrayed by screening the Characters film which will challenge your assumptions about Muslims!


Speakers - Rizwan Wadan is a filmaker, a specialist in the camera industry and pioneer of innovative camera stabilisation. He has been involved in Luther , Unforgotten, Rogue One , The Favourite with Emma Stone and upcoming Disney feature Artemis Fowl. Shaf Choudhry is a the Head of IT at MEND, Independent Consultant and one of the creators of the Riz Test





Panel Sunday 26th 1300  Monstering Muslims in the Media


Chaired by Dr Shazad Amin (CEO, MEND)


Panel: Prof Brian Cathcart (Professor of Journalism & Founder of Hacked Off), Miqdaad Versi (Assistant Secretary-General , Muslim Council of Britain), Richard Peppiatt (Filmmaker, Producer and former tabloid journalist), Isobel Ingham-Barrow (Head of Policy at MEND)



Panel Sunday 26th 1300  Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia in political parties


Chaired by Isobel Ingham-Barrow (Head of Policy at MEND)


Panel: Naz Shah, MP , Dr Evan Harris (Joint Executive Director, Hacked Off), Tom Watson MP (TBC)  and Dr Shazad Amin (CEO, MEND)



Workshop tent 1 Sunday 26th 1730


Title -  Lies, damned lies and headlines about Muslims - challenging Islamophobia in the Press. Isobel Ingham-Barrow & Zeeshan Ali


A workshop that examines how the Press produce Islamophobic headlines and stories,  examples of these and  the wider political context of why such stories matter. We will also describe how inaccurate and discriminatory stories can be challenged, despite the ineffectiveness of IPSO.


Speakers - Isobel Ingham-Barrow is the Head of Policy at MEND and the editor of the report ‘More than Words - Approaching a definition of Islamophobia’. Zeeshan Ali is a Media & Policy analyst at MEND and has written numerous articles reporting on relevant Islamophobic stories for the MEND website.