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Investigative Journalism

A one-hour workshop on storytelling that will change your life forever: the never-ending story revealed.

Iain Overton is a writer and investigative journalist. An executive producer on Dispatches and Panorama, he set up The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. The author of two non-fiction books, his reporting has been awarded with a Peabody, a BAFTA and two Amnesty Awards; today he writes for the Byline Times and the Guardian. He has reported from over 25 conflict zones around the world.

This workshop reveals to you the secret structure that lies within every story ever told. It will take you on a mind-blowing journey into the Hero’s Journey, showing how Harry Potter, Star Wars, Cinderella and The Hobbit all share - at their essence - the same twists and turns, the same plot hidden deep within. From Disney to the Brother’s Grimm, Overton will explain the one story that binds them all, to open up your own potential to be the greatest storyteller the world has known.

This workshop would benefit anyone who wants to write. And to read. And to watch films. And to understand how storytelling really, really works. Come on the journey.