Thare Machi Education (TME) is the official charity of the Byline festival. Its founder, Helen Taylor Thompson will be speaking on monday 27th August.

“Our vision is a world where the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities have access to life-saving information to protect themselves from threats to their health and lives.  

We publish interactive lessons about safer living, in the local languages of these communities, and work with partners to distribute them online and on DVDs.”
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TME uses simple, fact-based education, that changes the lives of the people who learn from it.

With more than 30 lesson titles, covering topics such as HIV, malaria, Human Trafficking and sex education, and working in over 60 languages, the charity collaborates with partners from small grassroots organisations to government agencies all over the world.

One viewer, in a remote part of eastern DRC, said “I never saw such interesting thing - we have been watching many (of the lessons) and they all are amazing with what they teach us. We also hear from our children that they also learn from them. I have a son who used to tell us that he cannot wash his hands if he is not going to eat, but today he washes his hands every time, even four or five times.

Do you not see how well you are changing the lives of many in our villages here around? We are learning a lot of things from them."

Thare Machi gets is name from the Hindi words meaning “star fish”, inspired by the story of the child on a beach, seeking to help one individual at a time, rather than being overwhelmed by the bigger picture. Come and see us in the information tent to find out more.

Other useful information
Telephone: 01926 422711
Address: Thare Machi Education, PO Box 4040, Leamington Spa, CV32 5YJ, UK
Registered charity number 1080131