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Food is Medicine

Learn how animals in food system can actually strengthen the web of life. Traditional, nourishing animal products are benefiting hundreds of thousands of people diagnosed with chronic diseases. Militant vegan and vegetarian movements will have us believe that  animal products cost the environment too dearly. The government ignores smallholders in the national statistics, backing industrial farming to produce commodities for export, damaging the health of the nation. Emma shares examples of farming practices that regenerate soils and biodiversity whist capturing green house gases. Animals in properly managed farming systems are beyond beneficial they are essential. Food is the medicine and small holders are feeding the world.

Emma Goodwin's knowledge of functional medicine has grown from her own family experience.  A TV actress in the '90's unconfortable with her role as Doctor Benson in ITV medical drama "Medics": seeming to contribute to the myth that we give away responsibility for our own health to medical practitioners.  A working mother of two, she watched her children's health deteriorate due to her poor food choices and our collective environmental toxic burden.  Despite buying organic and cooking from scratch since leaving home in 1986, her children were just not thriving.  In 2007 the family left the UK to "Wwoof" around Europe (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) returning to the UK buy land and farm. 10 years down the line, 7 of those spent creating a mixed small-holding in Forest Row, East Sussex, supplying locals with real, clean, unpolluted foods via a Community Supported Agriculture scheme, and battling local planning authorities for the right to live on site, Emma's family are now in much better health.  Lessons learnt highlight hidden dangers in our current food and farming systems. She continues to farm and educate anyone ready to learn about the Paleo, Ketogenic and real food and farming options that can contribute to the good health of our bodies and mental well being, and leave water, air and earth, upon which we are all utterly reliant, in a better state than we find it.  Food is medicine.