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Mindfulness - Losing Your Mind - Finding an inner oasis in the maelstrom

There’s a reason why mindfulness is growing in all sectors for mental health and wellness including personal practice, therapies, schools, corporations and even in policy making and social and behavioural change in governments. It works.

This workshop introduces mindfulness basic mindfulness techniques showing how we can access a peaceful state in the midst of the maelstrom of political and global upheaval. We will explore proven techniques for accessing the stillness within, connecting and developing the inner peace and resilience we all innately have. It is from this space, that authenticity arises to empower conscious action. 

This informative, interactive workshop will provide a foundational understanding of mindfulness and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) including the principles, breathwork and recognising reactivity. Some light movement involved.  

Leslie Elle Maria, MA, works as a Mindfulness Facilitator and Lecturer. She has provided CBT & Mindfulness based therapy and previously managed counselling services with a particular focus on PTSD and concurrent disorders. 
Leslie is a featured writer on emotional and psychological health and wellbeing and a regular contributor to ALIVE magazine amoung other publications. She works with a group of therapists in tandem with the Helen Bamber Foundation in delivering workshops for volunteers of refugee camps, and with Medicins du Monde to deliver Safe Surgeries training for medical staff. Her experience has shown that a shared group story coupled with a mindfulness practice can be a powerful agent for healing in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression. Leslie is also a certified .b ‘Mindfulness in Schools’ trainer and a panel speaker at various educational institutions.