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Protecting Your Digital Privacy

How to take steps to safeguard your privacy in an age of mass surveillance: tools and methods. Topics to be covered include - Threat modelling - Mass surveillance v targeted surveillance - Practical tools - Practical methods and processes - Case study use examples of tools

Muhammad Rabbani, the international director of Cage, was found guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court of having willfully obstructed police at Heathrow Airport by refusing to divulge the passwords to his mobile phone and laptop computer. He was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay £620 costs. Rabbani had been stopped whilst returning from Qatar, where Rabbani said he had interviewed a man to collect evidence of that man's claims of having been tortured while in US custody. The evidence was being collected for UK lawyers. Muhammad has said "CAGE and I are glad we brought this case, and the result indicates that our only option is to change the law. Schedule 7 actively discriminates, and this will hopefully be the start of a number of legal challenges as more people take courage to come forward. We will be appealing this decision and we have won the moral argument."