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Why the world needs your care: creating change in business and beyond

How you can integrate purposeful impact into your business and life. We’ll first look at the increasing need for individuals and entities to embrace impact. We’ll then focus on how start-ups and social enterprises can use creativity and strategy to make purpose a pillar of their key so that it can shape the company as it scales.

This work shop is perfect for people who are passionate about giving back efficiently and sustainably and who want to understand how they can make the biggest difference. Whether you're a Start Up, founder, creative or founders-to-be who want to learn how they can make purpose a core part of their company, this workshop will teach you exactly that.

Bryn Tod-Tims is passionate about all things impact, equality and the power of awareness. Bryn led the impact arm of a digital Asset Management firm before transitioning to work more closely in philanthropy. In March 2018 she co-founded Benesys, a philanthropic platform that unlocks collaborative potential between businesses, charities and individuals. Bryn is also the founder of #SprintForHer a Non-Profit online rape and sexual assault initiative that creates support for survivors through sport. 

Briana Pegado has focused on cultivating youth empowerment and leadership through creativity. Her work now centres around how the creative industries can be more financially sustainable through alternative business models. She is a co-founder of Povo; a new, formless consultancy creating and thinking in Edinburgh that uses the creative process and principles of play to engage clients with their ideas who would not normally have access to consultancy services.


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