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Activist Media 101

As the mainstream media often operates in a way that disrupts the voices of social justice, it is critical to learn from each other's experiences in reporting on those brave enough to stand up and work for a better world. 

Having been extensively involved with a wide range of causes, we've learned that it takes many talents and varied perspectives to create a movement that gets the attention of a wide audience. It takes hard work from writers, photographers, social media content providers and, more than anything, it takes cooperation of people with complicated egos.  In this technology age, we've developed new ways to create attention and apply pressure to the halls of power via social media platforms and communication.

We will discuss the ways in which we connected with people interested in meaningful content that informed and motivated a broad audience thus forcing the mainstream to report on the reality of many issues.  We will share the obstacles and success of activist collectives as well as lessons learned through troubling personality conflicts. 

The techniques of the distribution of activist media is constantly evolving with new platforms all the time. Our experience with local, national, and international activist movements should lend some perspective as to how to be most effective in carrying a message.

The Activist Media Collectives workshops shall provide a unique perspective of how social justice forces from the genuine grassroots of Occupy flourished worldwide despite the mainstream waves of coordinated negative propaganda. 

Robert Brune and Gen Knoxx will describe the inner workings of effective media techniques that influenced financial policy, environmental awareness, whistle blower support, and racial injustice activism. We spent countless hours observing, networking, and reporting which drew us to do more extensive reporting in DC, NYC, Baltimore, Ferguson and many other cities on the ground and online. 

We hope our experience with Global Revolution Live, DC Media Group, and other social justice collectives can be passed along to help the next generation of social justice influencers.

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Media Training
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The Art of Smartphone Film-Making