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Inside Occupy Media

The Occupy movement was a wake up call to many issues throughout the world. One of the most significant things we all had in common was that people weren't being heard and the halls of power were not listening. 

The coordination of old school activists and the more technology savvy media techniques were prevented. It was an accelerated course for many of us on the ground reporting and online at home lending support. Global Revolution TV had been pioneering the rapid distribution of free speech beyond anything seen before. 

We will share what it was like to support a global movement online and to work with other activist journalists in media tents in the Occupy camps.

The Activist Media Collectives workshops shall provide a unique perspective of how social justice forces from the genuine grassroots of Occupy flourished worldwide despite the mainstream waves of coordinated negative propaganda. 

Robert Brune and Gen Knoxx will describe the inner workings of effective media techniques that influenced financial policy, environmental awareness, whistle blower support, and racial injustice activism. We spent countless hours observing, networking, and reporting which drew us to do more extensive reporting in DC, NYC, Baltimore, Ferguson and many other cities on the ground and online. 

We hope our experience with Global Revolution Live, DC Media Group, and other social justice collectives can be passed along to help the next generation of social justice influencers.