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Is balance out of date? A survival guide for journalism

The open Internet age spells information overload and the demise of old media. The tenets of journalism –– balance and objectivity -- risk being swept away too. Will new ways be found to hold power to account? Or are we heading back towards information fortresses? In some places it’s happening already

The workshop will include a short presentation from William Horsley, followed by an interactive discussion/debate with participants. It will focus on the spread of “information spheres’ squeezing out diversity and civil society space as a trend, illustrated with a number of examples. We will encourage any of the festival speakers to drop in and participate in the discussion. 

With William Horsley, International Director, Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM), University of Sheffield. Moderator: Dr. Lada Price,  Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM), University of Sheffield