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Parenting Tomorrow's Activists

Kim McCabe is founder director of Rites for Girls CIC and author of Amazon best-seller ‘From Daughter to Woman, parenting girls safely through their teens’; she works with preteen and teen girls, supports their parents, trains women to guide girls through adolescence and talks to sell-out halls of parents around the country.

How to parent through turbulent times whether you’ve got a budding Greta Thunberg or one who can barely raise their face from a screen.  The kids who care don’t understand why we don’t seem to be doing anything; and they’re hurt by our inactivity and full of righteous rage.  We’re losing their respect.  The kids who don’t seem bothered are too busy blasting each other on Fortnite or sharing cute kitten pics to see what’s really happening around them.  Either way, we adults are getting it wrong.  Come figure out how we can do it differently.

Later Event: August 24
Guerrilla Film-Making