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Dress to Kill: Reading Fashion in Contemporary Media

In the past several years, fashion has seen itself at the avant-garde of contemporary media, becoming one of the main forms of communication. Think not just Rhianna in Guo Pei dress (or omelette dress it is commonly referred now) and hijab legislations in France, but also the First ladies’ dresses, Pussy Riot’s balaklavas and Megan Markle’s beige tights. This workshop will engage the participants in the attempt to read (and try on!) fashion as a medium of communication and control in today’s culture. 

Dr Maria Korolkova is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at the University of Greenwich and an independent curator and researcher working across the media. Her latest research interests include the ideas gender in creativity, new modalities of storytelling and aesthetics of mistakes. In 2018, Maria has designed an innovative MA programme on Media and Creative Cultures, which offers to study the latest cultural trends, including digital activism, fashion and its influence on media today.