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Journactivism in a Time of Converging Crises

In these times of crisis – climate breakdown, billionaire-owned 'propamedia', fuzzy wars, refugee desperation, brutal austerity, etc. – humanity is being called to pull together in an integrated, compassionate & global society. Radical and rapid societal shifts are needed – and soon! – as we face the possibility of near-term human extinction. History has shown that social movements – embedded with daring civil disobedience – are capable of bring deep transformation. Join this interactive workshop to explore the relationship between activism and journalism in this time of crisis.

Stuart Basden was arrested 8 times in 2017 for civil disobedience, including spending a week in prison. Stu's been involved in radical activism since 2012, supporting struggles around climate, indigenous sovereignty, toxic media, fake democracy, fracking, reproduction rights, land defence and more. Stu's a trained facilitator and frequently runs workshops across a variety of groups.