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Two Lives one Truth - A miscarriage of Justice

Brendan Mc Conville and John Paul Wootton (known as The Craigavon Two) are into their 10th year in prison for a crime they say they didn't commit. They were convicted of the murder of Police Officer Stephen Carroll and they've suffered a terrible miscarriage of justice (MOJ).

This interactive workshop explains how these men were convicted despite evidence being tampered with, dodgy forensics and the main witness being labelled a 'Walter Mitty' character. The workshop aims to:

  • Inform attendees of The Craigavon Two case

  • Discuss MOJs and how easily they happen

  • Encourage attendees to spread the word and take action 

This workshop is ideal for those with a passion for justice and miscarriages of justice, who wish to see authorities held to account for their misdeeds and see people put before profit and at the center of policy.    

Peter Kearney  

Produced newspaper and radio pieces on community and national media since 2011 on refugees, politics in Ireland, Lebanon and Palestine and religion.  

Currently preparing a radio documentary on domestic violence prevention among refugee communities in Northern Lebanon. Freelances for The Canary and occasionally writes for his own blog where examples of his other work can be found.     


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