2:30 PM14:30

A Journalists Guide to Uncovering Corporate Lobbying

DeSmog UK managing editor Mat Hope and reporter Chloe Farand will share their experiences of tracking corporate lobbying and its impact on environmental issues as the UK prepares to leave the EU. Come along to learn what tools and skills you need to expose the stories behind the headlines.

Mat Hope is Editor of DeSmog UK. He has been investigating and exposing the politics behind climate inaction for various outlets for over a decade. He has a PhD in the political communication of climate change.

Chloe Farand is a freelance journalist and reporter for DeSmog UK specialising in uncovering corporate wrongdoing. She has had articles published in the Guardian, Independent, New Statesman and Bella Caledonia.

This workshop is for media or activists interested in how to trace hidden corporate interference in democracy.

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