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Narrative Cannibals: Whose story is it anyway?

The politics of representation and the veracity of the image in the age of digital storytelling. 

This workshop will consider ‘Storytelling and Strategies of Power: Who Speaks for Whom?’ And secondly, ‘What is Documentary Truth? The Relationship Between Subject, Filmmaker and Audience and the Construction of Truth.’ These two key ideas will be the touchstones for the workshop; primarily concerned with the ethics of representation, power and the veracity of the image in contemporary narrative. My own practice is concerned with ‘unheard voices, untold stories’; who is allowed to speak and whose stories are they anyway? What are the consequences of telling the stories of others, when does it become an insidious “narrative cannibalism”? Furthermore, we consider the political landscape for contemporary new stories. Is there a dominant narrative hegemony that is guarded and must be maintained and who are the gatekeepers? Is colonialism alive and well in documentary storytelling?