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Solidarity - Persecuted Journalists Abroad

In the past few years, Prisoners of Conscience Appeal Fund (POC) has seen a marked increase in the number of persecuted journalists abroad who have had to flee their countries.  Many of these are in hiding and need additional support until they reach sanctuary.  While journalists face similar challenges to other refugees, they also have to deal with very particular risks of being personally targeted and followed across borders by security forces from countries from which they have fled.

Gary Allison, director at POC, explores how we can show solidarity with and provide support to the many brave journalists who have reported on human rights abuses and consequently live under threat for their and their families' lives, are often left indigent and stateless and who deserve support to rebuild their lives in new countries.

This workshop is for anyone and everyone who wants to help to make a difference to the lives of journalists who face persecution for their stand to protect human rights. 

Gary joined Prisoners of Conscience Appeal Fund (POC) as Director in July 2018, following 25 years of legal practice in South Africa and England. Having supported various NGOs and charities over the last four decades, Gary served as a trustee, and latterly, as Vice-Chair, of PoC from 2001 to 2013. With an MBA from Warwick University, which focussed on the charity and professional services sectors, Gary brings a commercial approach and passion for increasing the work of PoC in meeting the acute needs of prisoners of conscience in the UK and internationally.